Wednesday, November 26, 2014


As promised here is my list of my favorite ethnic restaurants in Vancouver.

Montri’s Thai is a very small- only twenty tables- restaurants that serves food that is

going to make you think you are absolute royalty.  In fact their chef- Montri

Rattanaraj- has actually cooked for the King of Thailand!  This restaurant has also

won a lot of awards including a popular vote from Vancouver Magazine for the Best

Thai Restaurant, which they have won since 1999.  Now that is saying something

about the high quality of their food! (3629 West Broadway) 604-738-9888.

Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant is a restaurant I cannot recommend highly

enough.  It has absolutely incredible Chinese food plus it has spectacular views of

Stanley Park. (Burrard and Hastings) 604-688-8191.

Won More Szechuan Cuisine is similar, to Imperial Chinese Seafood but the dishes it

serves are quite a bit spicier.  This is the perfect spot after a relaxing walk along

beautiful English Bay Beach. (1944 West Fourth) 604-688-8856.

Le Crocodile is known for their outstanding French food.  I really like this

restaurant, but sometimes the food is a little too rich for me.  It is in a very quite and

secluded setting. (Berrard and Smith) 604-669-04298.

La Quercia is renowned for its hearty Northern Italian food that is extremely

delicious.  They make great use of local and organic ingredients.  The atmosphere is

very casual, but beware this restaurant is very expensive (really worth every penny,

though).  (3689 W. Forth) 604-676-1007

Star Anise is another very popular French restaurant.  It is less expensive than La

Quercia is, but it is also smaller so best to have reservations (in fact it is almost

impossible to get into without them).

Tojo’s has some of the top quality sushi and is definitely Vancouver’s number one

choice as a Japanese and sushi restaurant. (777West Broadway) 604-737-1485.

Hoshi Sushi is probably Trojo’s biggest competition.  I actually prefer Hoshi because

it is right in Chinatown and you can’t beat the atmosphere. (645 Main St) 604-689-


Vij’s is an interesting Indian restaurant and one my mom really likes a lot.  They use

Indian spices and techniques and combine them with locally sourced ingredients

that has gotten them much critical acclaim in the local press.  One of their more

unique dishes is a wine-marinated lamb ‘popsicle’ in fenugreek cream curry.  Yum-

need I say more. (1480 West !1th Avenue) 604-736-6664.

Legendary Noodle is a Malaysian inspired restaurant that serves heaping portions of

noodles that are fairly inexpensive (at least in terms of restaurant costs in

Vancouver).  Watch out because their food can be addictive especially if you love

pho as much as I do.  Their broth is super flavorful and the garlic lamb is especially

tasty.  I don’t know why, but they are closed on Thursday. (4191 Main St.) 604-879-


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