Monday, November 24, 2014


Vancouver has more than its fair share of great food and wonderful restaurants.  It has it all everything from cute little neighborhood bistros to fashionable downtown restaurants.  Many of these make great use of regional seafood and locally grown produce.  Also, since Vancouver has such a high immigrant population- especially Chinese- there are tons of ethnic choices, too (but those are for another post).  These are some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Bishops is considered to be one of the very best restaurants in the city using a lot of organic and regionally sourced ingredients.  The food is very eclectic and is known for its super fresh seafood dishes.  Their desserts use a lot of fresh berries (at least in the summer) and melt in your mouth (Yew and W. Fourth) 604-738-2025.

Hawksworth in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia is known for its contemporary Canadian cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Their breakfast plates are huge so you will not need lunch.  (801 W. Georgia St.) 604-879-7000.

Chambar Restaurant is a Belgian restaurant with fantastic food in a relaxed atmosphere.  The signature dish (which is really popular in Belgium) is moules-frites, which is one of my very favorites:  mussels and fries. (562 Beatty) 604-879-7119

CinCin is where you might see some celebrities.  It is a rustic Mediterranean style restaurant that is kind of Old World meets New World.  The service is incredible.  (1154 Robson- heart of the shopping district) 604-688-7338

Tapastree is known for its enormous tapas style small plates.  They have incredible salads, vegetable plates, seafood and meats and really tasty side dishes, too.  This restaurant is very casual which I like. (1829 Robson almost to the corner of Denman) 604-606-4680.

Aurora Bistro uses local ingredients in innovative and creative ways and calls it “modern Canadian cuisine.”  (2420 Main St.) 604-873-9944.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria is known for its authentic Neapolitan pies.  They have great soups, salads and antipasti, too.  The one thing you absolutely have to try is one of their out of this world thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas.  They have both traditional and seasonal toppings, but no matter what you choose you can’t go wrong.   Enjoy. (62 E. Cordova St) 604-669-6985.

Raincity Grill is absolutely legendary and is considered a Vancouver classic.  They are known for their Northwest cuisine and their seafood is super fresh.

Well, now my mouth is watering and I’m really, really hungry. Creon’s anyone?

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