Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Good news

Hello to all my wonderful readers! It would appear as if my blog has caught the attention of Air Canada in quite a good way. I have been offered to take one lucky reader to Vancouver for an all expense paid trip on June 4th 2015 to June 11th 2015. Is this incredible or what.  We will start our trip by staying in the Fairmount in Downtown Vancouver for 2 days where you will get to pick 4 restaurant of your choosing to eat plus get a free tour of the city.   You had better believe that we will definitely pay a visit to Granville Island! After that we will be flying out to the Vancouver Islands to visit the pristine Nimmo Bay Resort for 4 glorious days of hiking, swimming, fishing and a helicopter tour of the area.  Their chef is super talented and the food is so fresh and so good you may gain weight even with all the hiking.  We will return to the great city of Vancouver for the remaining three days of our trip. While there we will have a shopping trip on Robson St. (Vancouver’s Rodeo Dr.), spend some time enjoying the pine forests on Stanley Island, take in some dim sum in Chinatown and visit as many as the amazing place I discussed in my blog that we can pack into this mind blowing trip.

Now I bet you are asking yourself  “how can I get in on this amazing offer?” Well my friends it is quite simple. All you have to do is write a 400 word essay on why you love Vancouver and want to go see this amazing city. You then must submit you essay to me on my blog by December 25th 2014 and a winner will be decided by me and announced on my site on January 15th 2015!

Now there are some rules to this essay. It must have proper grammar and punctuation. There may be no profanity, racism, creedism, sexisum or any hate speech in the esay. You must be 19+ to be eligible to go with me and have a current passport and up to date vaccine record.  You must have a clean criminal back ground with no past crimes. You may not wear the color blue on Sundays. You may not breath more than 550 times per hour.  Finally you may not use a “S” in your essay.

Best of luck to everyone who submits an essay and may the best one win!

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