Wednesday, November 26, 2014


As I said before, unlike other parts of Canada that get incredibly, bitter cold and

snowy in the winter, Vancouver is in a temperate rain forest and never gets all that

cold (but it can get really rainy in the winter).  There are all sorts of opportunities

for outdoor activities and here are some of my very favorite things to do.

Of course, as I already mentioned in a previous post, you absolutely have to go do

something at Stanley Park:  that is an absolute must.

Mount Seymour Provincial Park is just thirty minutes from downtown Vancouver

and is great place to go if you are really serious about hiking.  The trails can be very

challenging, but the views are worth the effort.  A work of caution:  be sure to read

any signs posted about the weather because bad weather can real make the hiking


Lighthouse Park, which is in West Vancouver, is great if you want something far less

strenuous.  This 185-acre park has some fairly easy trails the weave through first-

growth stands of Douglas firs and western re cedar.  It is worth the walk just to get

to smell the aroma- think Christmas in July.  Believe it or not some of these trees are

well over 500 years old.  I think that is something truly amazing.  The trail ends at

Point Atkinson Lighthouse.

Pacific Spirit Park is located in West Vancouver near the University of British

Columbia and is over 2000 acres.  It is truly a hidden gem that not that many people

visit (Stanley Park is half this size and it can get very crowded at times).  This park

has beautiful beaches where you and enjoy watching the waves on the ocean in

peace and quiet.  It also has a forest, tidal flats and estuaries.  There are a number of

nice trails and because there are not that many people you have a really good shot at

seeing some wildlife in action in a natural setting.  The views here are nothing short

of spectacular.  I like to come here when Stanley Park gets a little too crowded.

Here, I can enjoy the scenery basically uninterrupted and my walks almost become a

kind of walking meditation.  I debated sharing this spot with you because I don’t

want to see it get too crowded.  I love having a quiet place to go and hang out and

that can be hard to do in a major metropolitan city!  Let’s just keep this our secret.

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